Sunday, January 20, 2013

Update!! been a min

I forgot I had this still! haha but time for a update!!!! Me and my mom moved finally! left the old place!!!! Now I can work on my car! and not have to use ramps to get in and out of the garage.

Car was finished and done over at RCN motors. Thanks R.T for the help and work to the car.

This was the invoice of what got fixed, also forgot to put in my new stance inner/outer tie rods

Ready to get picked up

On its way to my new place =]

Cool ass FD out side of RCN

Nice and comfy in the new garage =]]

Now got rid of the latches on the back looked like this

Bought a new center piece a new trunk also bought a new rear bumper support. Fixed the latch in the inside then BOOM

Cleaned up the engine bay a bit

Rainx wipers yo!

Kevin and Josh came over to lower the car and do the interrior panels with the bride fabric I  bought on black friday.


Lower =] and tucking rim