Thursday, November 29, 2012

poor man

nothing too new

picked up a new/used rack also a new ps pump shit was so loud. Changed the belts also, random pics at RCN I still owe 300 on the car then I can take it home

Some random shots

Got a lot done to the car I feel pretty solid about it since pretty much everything is new on it. Last thing that needs to be changed are the front sway bar links they come in on friday. Sorry for the ride height rears are almost at where I want it fronts I gotta take the collars off.

Black friday came around and picked up a Mishimoto radiator, some bride fabric, TF/Stance inner/outter tie rod combo and energy steering rack bushings.

Felt like shit right after so i had some feel good food

Almost done cant wait to finally drive this thing. Sorry for the long ass build -.- took me a while on where I wanted to get it. Excited for 2013 gonna hit a lot of event I can and street.

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