Wednesday, November 7, 2012

been a min lazy update

Hey guys/gals! update time!

Painted the bumper fenders n hood prolly gonna get different paint idk

sanded all the surface rust and re sprayed these shits

Me and teo split n got these

sold my work kiwami's and bought these via CZ wheels

work equips re-barrled to 17x9.5+12 and 18x11-9 came up on them pretty rad been looking for dished wheels for a while

picked them shits up at fedex

then stared at it for a while

brought it to school n scott (energy) helped me mount tires on

bought a t28

Then my BN skirts came in

 After the tires were on tossed the wheels on to see how it looks

Then my landlord got gay and said i cant work on my car anymore towed it to RCN motors right by my place to get it finished up needed a couple of small things

My tension rod bushings were shot so i just impulse bought some stance ones then both of my front calipers froze up n got shit from work

Bought a new daily too 04 subaru forester XT

Thanks tipsy turtle!

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