Sunday, June 3, 2012

UPDATEEEEEEEEEEEEE sowwiee diablo 3 is owning my lfie :D

Oh man its been a while since I last updated hahah im slacking but sorry guys!! diablo 3 is owning me :D gotta be the best u know how it is but hey I have been waiting for this since I was in highschooL!!!! shittttt I love the game haha and my car what to say im excited its almost done =] I can feel it!!! I finally got my turbo lines! Exhuast mani gasket! but I sold my fenders they were kinda jacked and sold my side skirts to Buado since they belong to him picked up new origin fenders one was BRAND SPANKING NEW one needed work but it was easy

what the back looks like im still waiting for my 50mm origin steppers =/

FINALLY after what 12? years or so I got it I was there at 9:30 and was the second person there ahahah

YAY!!! for goodiesss :DD

Oh hi der

YAYAYAY FINALLY got my xmas present HAhhh

Put the fittings on the block alredy just gotta bring the set up to TF to confirm i put it on the right places

Bought this guy at work ahah to match

-4 up front not so much party camber haha

so I fixed my fenders shit was cakeeee then again fiberglassing shit is cake
heres the damage

and boom

Almost :D

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