Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yup this post is all about FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD that me and my gf eat :D cuz we are fat and yeah haha

boring shit

Chilled and hung out with two cool dudes to help finish the unicorn haha teo and mike! thanks again guys!!!

 The teo mobile! 1j cressida with a cresta front! on cr kais! pretty damn cool tucking front and rear

 Teo got to work!

 And BAM

 Went to touge factory again to exchange a coupler and ended up walking away with a new oil catch can -.-

 Cleaned up my blitz filter

 Didnt have a gasket for the turbo inlet so I made one pardon the dirty fingerprints

Car should be started next week after I pick up my down pipe from Streetsliders LA just a little more this car is done finally -.-

Friday, June 22, 2012

mo money mo car partzz lol

Well you look at that car is almost done just need about like 5 more things to finish this bad boy up! and break neckkkssss

MAF ( Josh has one for me gotta pick it up when im not lazy )
Down pipe ( kevin - streetsliders-LA has one for me gotta pick it up too lol )
BN sports skirts ( GF's is getting it for me for my bday!!)

oh and spacers for the back


Finally after a LONNGGGGGG waited WAIT!! my 50mm Origin type 2 overs came in

Test fit! looking gooooodd

New gasket for the turbo

WOOMMMMM injectors cammeee

Got new rear swaybar links because the ones on there are non existent

Since the battery terminals were kinda messed up decided to replace that too

Went to tf and got MORE presents

Hot pipe
K&N oil filter
Tomei Duracon shift knob
Couplers ( had to special order a 3.5-2.5 lol i need a z32 maf -.- )
Coil pack cover
Ran to autozone to get
Paint to match my painted cold pipe
Gasket maker thing? err a roll of un cut gasket so I can make my own lol

Sanded down n junk

Painted BAMM!!! bling bling

Metal specs silver
and Clear fx with rainbow on it

Made me a gasket for the Freddy bov ( running a real type S when more important stuff is done )

Bye bye blue

Hellooowwww tomei

soo much more better and feels better too

Here is the engine bay =] tried to clean it up gonna do some tweaks then all done =]

Now I gotta change the oil
Put the new plugs on
Start her up once I get my parts =]