Thursday, April 19, 2012

almost? i agree =]

Been busy with work and school I have not been updating plus I lost the internet for a week hahah anyway lets see what we got on this update

Before and after did some garage clean ups

5 lug tools take 1!!! unfortunately did not work I needed a HUGE ass mallet 2/3 jaw puller didnt work because it just pushed the axle in haha fail on me


5 lug TAKE 2!!!!! shit work that mallet destroyed that stupid hub hha

got that shit out and in with the new

Went to GRD performance thanks to dustin got my 235/40/18 feddy 595s in the rear and picked up yokohama prada spec 2 for the front 215/40/17 got them mounted and I balanced them at school

Put everything together used the work rs lugnuts I got hehe gonna start on the front and lower the rear I just eyeballed it the drivers side is way lower than the passangers side hahaha

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