Thursday, March 1, 2012

womp yupdate!!

Waddap people sorry have not been updating I just moved to my new place =] FINALLY!!! MY GARAGE IS RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!! moved from a scketchy neighborhood to a nice and quite one =]

Changed plans on the car BIG BIG surprises traded my wheels for something DISHED YES! got rid of the uras4/works 9 sad =/ and got one of my ALL TIME fave aero got rid of the GT wing also anyway heres some moving pics of my car WOULD of looked like

Buddy kenji that sold me the motor called me up and said hey I found these SR parts laying around you want it. I said hell yeah why not

got these things Megan manifold Megan elbow with 02 and Apexi suction intake kit fo freeeee

stay tuned for the next couple of weeks car is ALMOST DONE! kinda =]

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