Friday, March 16, 2012

getting there

Got some goodies and shooting for the car to be done with in a month or so lets see how funds roll in

Goodies by my buddy the mail man

S14 rear 5 lug hub + s14 5 lug slotted and drilled rotors not bad for 130 shipped <3 zilvia

Prepped my fenders ready for primer

Went to Touge factory today and got me some OEM gaskets

Computer parts all over my room =/

Car crap in my room too rofl

Did some bumper work for a buddy turned out great

Computer build =]

Coolmaster Haf 912 case and my processor AMD phenom II 4x 965 black edition

Old shit computer -.-

Looking goooooooooddddd cable management looks great on this thing

8 gigs of corsair vengance! black! ima get 8 more later on

500gig western digital calvar blue

Looking great cant wait almost done

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