Wednesday, March 28, 2012

why hello

Got some stuff done its safe to say that my car is ALMOST done =] and running soon! just need some little things to finish it ALSO my computer is almost done yess Counterstrike global offensive is announced and DIablo 3 is gonna drop in may im so fucking excited life as I know it will be sooooooo full with cs and diablo 3 not to mention my car haha

Took my 5 lug to class and cleaned it up and put new studs in wompp

from this

to this =]

Took my fenders off to finish up primering it and saw this happened so temporary fix till i get new harnesses

After a day off bullshit finally UPS pulls through my package was supposed to come in yesterday but they messed up and dropped it off to someone els's place good thing that dude didnt own a 240 hahah so they had to go pick it up and drop it off to me today kinda pissed still but w.e I got it

Happy =]

With that being said all i need now is tires finish the 5 lug one injector and a exhaust manifold gasket then i need a new seat and harnees then paint DONE

oh i gotta wait for the Origin container they have my rear overfenders should be here april they said I HOPE so i can get going with my car im excited to drive her its been a while

excited for these badboys too i have not seen a schassis with them on yet


Me and the gf had our 3 year anniversary =] stayed local and ate at pop's pretty good place hahah had some awesome food

Friday, March 16, 2012

getting there

Got some goodies and shooting for the car to be done with in a month or so lets see how funds roll in

Goodies by my buddy the mail man

S14 rear 5 lug hub + s14 5 lug slotted and drilled rotors not bad for 130 shipped <3 zilvia

Prepped my fenders ready for primer

Went to Touge factory today and got me some OEM gaskets

Computer parts all over my room =/

Car crap in my room too rofl

Did some bumper work for a buddy turned out great

Computer build =]

Coolmaster Haf 912 case and my processor AMD phenom II 4x 965 black edition

Old shit computer -.-

Looking goooooooooddddd cable management looks great on this thing

8 gigs of corsair vengance! black! ima get 8 more later on

500gig western digital calvar blue

Looking great cant wait almost done

Saturday, March 10, 2012

don't know what to name this update so its gonna be a long title but not really? haha

My car is coming along great!!! ordered my new aero should be in by next week hopefully! bought s14 5 lug rear hubs and s14 5 lug cross drilled and slotted rotors from someone on zilvia for 130 shipped ;D my s14 kouki wing came in idk if i wanna run that 326 ( possibly not I think rad mike is gonna run it ) or a dmax trunk wing possibly even a rocket bunny wing lets see when the BN is in and see how it looks

I decided to keep my wheels and rock the cr kai Kiwami =] tf mike and wortman convinced me haha this is the first car ive seen with them on

I have been ALWAYS ALWAYS in love with BN ever since josh had it in his doodoo brown s13 looked so cool then c's garage car came along then started poping up all over the place

heres some motivational pics that I look at so I can finish my damn car soon =]

BN type 3 with kai's womp

and the original <3

Today was about what 60? haha got some work done I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the color I got for my intercooler piping gonna blind some niggas hahaha

Naked ass

My super awesome home made corner small part paint booth I made ROFL

Color im painting the piping

Oh hey whats this? fresh from cali

Thats it for now hah

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

60 out and so nice

Did some work today! heh thing im gonna paint the intercooler piping silver or some shit

fixed the intercooler fins

hmmm to trade or not to trade

thanks for the minty turbo dave!

Just need OEM gaskets not gonna run the shitty megan shit and need the new turbo lines im good