Sunday, February 5, 2012

50 degrees in chicago in february? FUCK YEAH

Got a lot done in the past couple days =]

thank god for autozone I get all my bolts there when im bored at work LOL

replaced all the old bolts on the fenders with new ones
straightened out the headlights
bolted on the front bumper so it does not sag
bolted on the stances (pics tomorrow too dark)
replaced all the bolts and nuts on the headlights

im still deciding to wide mount the wing or not

cut slits in the fender so I can move the headlight up and down for adjustment haha

took bolts from work at autozone and replaced the old shit

bumper bolted on no sag pretty happy about that works 9/uras4/gt wing in full effect

waiting on my origin type 2 50mm rear over fenders so I can get started preping the body

gotta wait for my tax so i can get 5 lug and tires =]

still dont know what to do red or blue -.-

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