Tuesday, January 17, 2012

new camera new aero yippie dayyy thanks girl fran =]

aero came in today chaser aero uras 4 group buy china special came in when i was at work and me n my buddy shared a box my poor girlfriend had to unload everything in my appartment hahha thats love for ya anyway box came in everything looked good no cracks n chips and what not but lets see tomorrow ill be test fitting it after work hope all is well i mean u get what you pay for right? 240 a kit rofl + 85 for shipping since i split it with some one 2 kits fit a box so i got a s13 for me s14 for a buddy

also this came in =] traded my blown t-25 n a shift knob for a nikon d40 wanna start getting in to taking pics and stuff so why not

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