Wednesday, January 25, 2012

fixed the shitty rear bumper

so many problems with chaser aero rear bumper anyway my exhaust was tooooo big for the hole so i had to trim it down and then to fix the wavy ass bumper used L brackets from home depot a heat gun and patience

The pipes were to wide for the rear bumper hole it was hitting it a lot

Dremeled that bad boy to make it wider

and fits!! you can see how shitty the bumper fits

3 inch L brackets from home depot and a heat gun no zipties needed =]

sooo much better and I didnt do the drill holes on the center garnish and ziptie the bumper up works so well that the bumper is not even bolted on!!

A couple of over all pics im pretty happy now I just need 5 lug and tires so I can get it on the ground my stances are just chillin in the room wth my wheels

Im pretty happy overall the car is coming along great =] after I buy my motherboard for my computer build 5 lug it is =]

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