Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It was 55 today so after going to school grabbing my books and lunch with the girlfriend I decided to put the coils on and button up the car ill take pics of what I did but I bolted on the rear bumper and ziptied the skirts on also fixed the front bumper with bolts so it does not sag ill prolly get a bash bar made that will hold the bumper up

all nice and shiney and new and shit =]

had to trim a lil off the bumper so the exhaust does not melt it

bumper bolted and BAM

Monday, January 30, 2012

Theres something different about me car hmm

So I was doing some work in the garage gonna post more tomorrow and I was like EHHH why not so I test fitted the wing NON wide mount im getting to lazy to do it enjoy for now

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ooopssieeee and a fixxiieeee

Soo welllll lol I accidentally trimmed a lil too much now I know why the the skirts are a lil long on the side where it mounts to the door. THANK GOD I did not throw away the piece that I cut off so here is a lil write up on how to fiberglass

Things needed Fiberglass resin can get at any auto store (vatoZone) Fiberglass hair not the nylon kind, a brush, something to put the resin in. I would wear a mask and be in a ventilated area because this shit will make you dizzy oh and gloves too I use like 4-5 pairs depending if you get messy or not.

had a small crack I wanted to fill in also

First you gotta sand down the side so it fits flush so I went ahead and did that in the garage haha now you tape it together with the foil tape (I saw a DIY in option 2 dvd they used foil tape because even the resin if it hardens you can peel it off)

Now you mix you're resin and hardner together make SURE you read on how much hardner you mix in because too much resin will harden really really fast too less it wont harden at all

Now I usually use two layers of fiber and resin depending on what you are doing so before you start brushing the resin away cut up the fiber on how long you need it

Okay once the fiber is cut you wanna start brushing the area where you are gonna put the fiber on make sure it is a HEAVY layer of resin so the fiber sticks

After the second layer I was getting dizzy cuz I had no mask hahah I thought it woulda been faster but guess not anyway I left the skirt out side my apartment because I did not wanna die depending on how much hardner you put thats how fast the resin is gonna dry Im pretty good at eyeballing on how much is needed but after about 1-2 hours it was all good and dry

Here is the finished product =] hard and solid as a rock!

Now to get rid of the gap between what was fiber glassed together you need to fill it with body filler and sand it down but I was to lazy to do it so ill do that tomorrow so enjoy hope you learned something I learned how to do this on youtube rofl but this is my 10th time doing this and its pretty easy any questions let me know

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

They had a sale =]

Mitsua had their annual magazine overstock sale sooooo option 2 for 1 dollar most expensive was 5 and came with a dvd =] paid full price for the drifting tengoku though haha and I got my ramen and gf got her katsudon

fixed the shitty rear bumper

so many problems with chaser aero rear bumper anyway my exhaust was tooooo big for the hole so i had to trim it down and then to fix the wavy ass bumper used L brackets from home depot a heat gun and patience

The pipes were to wide for the rear bumper hole it was hitting it a lot

Dremeled that bad boy to make it wider

and fits!! you can see how shitty the bumper fits

3 inch L brackets from home depot and a heat gun no zipties needed =]

sooo much better and I didnt do the drill holes on the center garnish and ziptie the bumper up works so well that the bumper is not even bolted on!!

A couple of over all pics im pretty happy now I just need 5 lug and tires so I can get it on the ground my stances are just chillin in the room wth my wheels

Im pretty happy overall the car is coming along great =] after I buy my motherboard for my computer build 5 lug it is =]

Friday, January 20, 2012

sick day shiieeeet

Today I wanted to put the rear bumper on =/ but unfortunately im sick -.- anyway I just went to mitsua with the gf and I bought my regular drifting tengoku now they had a sale I got some option 2 for a dollar! and one with a dvd for 5 bucks! and one for 3 I was excited now I got my super fave ramen much needed since im sick and all ='/

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

side skirts are on! took a while -.-

So today after work I put on the side skirts the passengers side needed a lot of work drivers side with a little of trimming it fit perfect a lil tight but its snug so if you are gonna buy aero from chaser aero be prepared to do a little bit of work tomorrow ill be doing the rear bumper looks like more work because the middle looks a little wavy

Had to shave down the sides with a dremel worked amazing after a lot of sanding n shaving down

this much needed to be shaved off the side still gotta cut some off where the skirt meets the door got to cold with no heater in the garage

Drivers side looks pretty good

passengers side