Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PRE blackfriday ahahaha

Hey guys whats up!!! its black Wednesday! haha I cant wait till I hit up Touge factory for some awesome deals!! anyway so mailman brought me some stuff!!!!!!

Mail man I LOVE U =] Cosmetic multi layer head gasket and a binb s14 sr water pump got a deal on em 90 for both

Came up on these!! pretty much brand new stance RUCAS!!! the guy had a s14 bought stance coils toe and rucas he sold the s14 n was selling the stance stuff as a set I found on zilvia now he has a s13 he did not know that rucas can work with s14 and s13 lol I saw a offer that said 150 for the rucas so I texted him and said 100 picked up right now he actually dropped them off at my work anyway so he showed up once he gave me the rucas and I gave him the money he said you know they are for a s14 right and I said yes but did you know that s13 and s14 rucas are the same thing before that I called Touge factory they make stance and double checked and I was right. Today I went there and apparently the original owner called them to double check and I got a text later that day if he can buy the rucas back and give me megan rucas for free and I said nope thanks for the hook up hommie! :D

If you guys didnt know heres the TF show room

After touge factory I went to mitsua for lunch!! got the usual katsu curry and the new drifting tengoku and option 2 came with a dvd! womp

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