Monday, November 28, 2011

Origin 3D type 2 gt wing repair

So I bought this Origin lab 3D type 2 gt wing at the Touge factory black friday sale MSRP is like 1200 I think I got it for 375. Why so cheap? beacause race car no jk lol because the top part of the wing came off and was broken I looked at it and MAN THIS IS A EASY ASS FIX so being me I could NOT pass up a deal like this

All I used was a drill and small self taping screws and epoxy im gonna re rivet it when im not lazy the screws are temporary

I popped the rivets off at work and epoxied it there

BAM done =] now I gotta pick up the highest mounts for free dave said to come in monday when I pick up the coils and he will swap it for free

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