Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Garage day!!!!

Worked on the car today! bought some stuff for the garage today autozone where I work then got a lamp at home depot pretty cheap shop light was 18 with two bulbs!!!! fixed the hood a bit where there was cracks and stuff and broke some glass lol

Goodiesss shop towels degressersssss shop light bulbs n paper towels and what not

Installed :D

Got some I guess storage units or stuff to put my stuff on hhaha the tv stand i found by the dumpster now I just put stuff on it. Got the brown boxes from work at autozone for free now I can keep all my stuff there to keep more organized like bolts n what not and label them so I wont lose anything remember ORGANIZATION is key!

New valve oil seals came in from Touge factory they ran out haha but looks dope

Separation of the hood

Taped down resined and fiber glassed

Broke the glass on the tv stand ROFL accident =//

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