Monday, November 28, 2011

Origin 3D type 2 gt wing repair

So I bought this Origin lab 3D type 2 gt wing at the Touge factory black friday sale MSRP is like 1200 I think I got it for 375. Why so cheap? beacause race car no jk lol because the top part of the wing came off and was broken I looked at it and MAN THIS IS A EASY ASS FIX so being me I could NOT pass up a deal like this

All I used was a drill and small self taping screws and epoxy im gonna re rivet it when im not lazy the screws are temporary

I popped the rivets off at work and epoxied it there

BAM done =] now I gotta pick up the highest mounts for free dave said to come in monday when I pick up the coils and he will swap it for free

Stances and highest gt wing stands ha

Picked up my stances today TF Dave switched some stuff around on my stance gr+pro I forgot what he told carlos to do to it haha but I guess its a moded GrP pro plus I switched out the stands on the gt wing it had the medium one and Dave swapped me out for the tallest ones :D

My second set of stances First car had stance then I got this new car had some emotor usa shitty coils felt like my teeth were gonna jump out of my mouth every time I drove on it. Now got my second set =]

Got the HIGHEST stands :D im prolly gonna mod the wing to do a wide mount see how it fits first

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black friday WHAT!!! ???

Went overboard? nah gotta go back monday to pick up my coils =]

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PRE blackfriday ahahaha

Hey guys whats up!!! its black Wednesday! haha I cant wait till I hit up Touge factory for some awesome deals!! anyway so mailman brought me some stuff!!!!!!

Mail man I LOVE U =] Cosmetic multi layer head gasket and a binb s14 sr water pump got a deal on em 90 for both

Came up on these!! pretty much brand new stance RUCAS!!! the guy had a s14 bought stance coils toe and rucas he sold the s14 n was selling the stance stuff as a set I found on zilvia now he has a s13 he did not know that rucas can work with s14 and s13 lol I saw a offer that said 150 for the rucas so I texted him and said 100 picked up right now he actually dropped them off at my work anyway so he showed up once he gave me the rucas and I gave him the money he said you know they are for a s14 right and I said yes but did you know that s13 and s14 rucas are the same thing before that I called Touge factory they make stance and double checked and I was right. Today I went there and apparently the original owner called them to double check and I got a text later that day if he can buy the rucas back and give me megan rucas for free and I said nope thanks for the hook up hommie! :D

If you guys didnt know heres the TF show room

After touge factory I went to mitsua for lunch!! got the usual katsu curry and the new drifting tengoku and option 2 came with a dvd! womp

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

some work

Did some work in the garage kidna put the new plates on the cressida and cleaned out the 240

6 pm dinner.lunch in the garage! subway and nutella =]

cleaned up the sr a bit and the engine bay but dont matter since im putting the new sr in

triples going bye bye soon

waiting to get put on again stupid group buy from chaser aero is taking forever so they cant ship my full uras 4 kit

the car as it sits waiting for black friday DAMNIT

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Garage day!!!!

Worked on the car today! bought some stuff for the garage today autozone where I work then got a lamp at home depot pretty cheap shop light was 18 with two bulbs!!!! fixed the hood a bit where there was cracks and stuff and broke some glass lol

Goodiesss shop towels degressersssss shop light bulbs n paper towels and what not

Installed :D

Got some I guess storage units or stuff to put my stuff on hhaha the tv stand i found by the dumpster now I just put stuff on it. Got the brown boxes from work at autozone for free now I can keep all my stuff there to keep more organized like bolts n what not and label them so I wont lose anything remember ORGANIZATION is key!

New valve oil seals came in from Touge factory they ran out haha but looks dope

Separation of the hood

Taped down resined and fiber glassed

Broke the glass on the tv stand ROFL accident =//