Saturday, October 1, 2011

More head stuff -.- never ending AHHAA MORE HEAD just got that...

So friday I had a good solid 2 hours to work on the head getting it ready or the new step 2 262 brian crower cams and brian crower ti valve springs and retainers check it out so clean prolly going to paint the out side hi temp silver make it cleaner

heres kind of a before shot after I took it out side and hosed it down

After shots I was working the head with the fine hair wire brush attachment in a drill then used small wire brushes the exhaust ports were a bitch to clean and get in too

after all of that I took it to the solvent tank for more cleaning and de greasing and stuff then I risned it out with water then I stuck it in this thing I forgot to ask again what its called but it was in my previous post like a 200 degree bath of solvent to clean stuff out and put a protective coating like a huge oven with hot ass water if anyone knows the name tell me haha ill ask on monday

Had to wait 30 mins so me and eric cleaned up the valves before and after side by side. Gonna mic them monday see if I can even re use them if not gotta buy a new set

Fresh out the oven I did a pretty decent job!

This is where everything is stored lol

This build makes me sad and happy at the same time. I thought I was going just for a stock re build but I said fuck it and get better parts now im broke as a joke im sure a lot of people are who owns these kind's of cars and motors thats it for now

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