Thursday, October 13, 2011

Long awaited update -.- comp stll down on my moms netbook

SORRYY!!! long awaited update my computer is still down im on my moms shitty netbook lol anyway

bye bye bride low max =////

Did some lecture in class and learned how to do 45 degree valve face cut it was pretty damn easy

Grinded down the tip and made a 45 degree chamfer on this machine since it makes PERFECT chamfers

After me machining it

Some before shots

Did some work

Then BAM side by side perfect cut and mirror finish

MAILMANNN I love you!!!! got my Brian Crower step 2 cams 264 intake 264 exhaust cams =]

Wanted to check the difference of the lift on the stock and bc cams big ass difference

MAILMANN AGAIN! my new hard drive came in haha

So the nextweek I got sick then my classmate eric worked on the head with out me we were doing 3 angle seat jobs a 30 degree 45 degree and a 60 degree. Anyway some dick took the stone that eric was using and switched it with a smaller 45 degree stone so pretty much pitted one of the seats. Sent it to napa by my school they got a machine shop they are now replacing the seat should be done HOPEFULLY tomorrow or latest Monday sigh.... cant keep on grinding it down because it would be too much metal so I said FUCK IT and just replace the seat OH and napa is doing it for free :D

So today MAILMANNNN again my Brian crower springs and titanium retainers came in wommpppp

Side by side with my cams after the seats are done everything will be back together and work on the block

Comparison with the stock and BC stuff

Tomorrow gonna be finishing the head if the head is done if not gonna be taking out the pistons n what not

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