Sunday, October 23, 2011

Block cleaning/piston cleaning n other crap

Not really a big update just did my measurements on the block/pistons/bore's everything looked good! no play at all on the bores

pistons were all good measured and in spec

freezeeeee plugs taken out for new ones

cleaned the block again! tomorrow gonna be measuring the crank n what not so I can order the bearings

freeze plugs taken out kinda was a bitch but w.e

Comparison cleaned my pistons n obviously the old dirty ones nice n squeaky clean

tossed the block in the washer

and after pretty happy with it gonna paint the outside high temp silver to match

measured the bore with a dial bore gauge everything turned out perfect

celebrate with ramen sooo good also got the new issue of drifting tengoku and option 2

last 2 weeks of class i still have to get my

thrust/main/rod bearings
gasket kit
head gasket
head studs
main studs
piston studs

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