Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Upper/Lower oilpan taken care of kinda

Kinda got a lot of work done today had couple of demo's from the teacher that I already know. But had to kind wasted a hours time for the tear down but whatever got lower oil pan off and the upper oil pan the previous owner used a lot and I mean A LOT of RTV there was a freaking mountain of it I got a picture of it. I found a piece of metal idk what it is till I get to the block it self and tearing that apart but on to the pics

The lower oil pan bolt removal sequence inward to out ward starting in the middle towards the back of the engine, Here you can see that there is a lot of RTV used and we found sludge in the lower oil pan -.- and a piece of metal idk what it was or where its from but I will find out soon

pretty clean except for some sludge

here is that metal chunk idk if you guys can see it found it in the lower oil pan

upper oil pan off and the baffle plate is also off u can see more sludge and RTV EVERYWHERE mountains of it there is a bolt sequence on how to take off the lower oil pan also its outward bolts to in ward in pairs

A little rtv mountain I made lol

Got most of the rtv off from the block and the upper oil pan started running out of time tomorrow taking off the harmonic balancer and the timing chain cover and timing chain

Everything nice and separated and labeled

Eric went to town on the upper oil pan in the solvent tank lol

thats it for today!

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