Monday, September 26, 2011

Motor tear down

As you guy's n gals know I bought a whole new sr20det blacktop swap. Today me and eric got started in tearing down the new sr I got for next season aside from there being A LOT of RTV and random bolts used and the broken timing chain cover the engine overall looks GREAT. Im pretty happy about it cyl walls look great the head looks fantastic. Im happy about the engine building class my teacher Mr. Norden is a great guy and knows his stuff. I cant wait to keep on building this but from the looks of it im going to need the right bolts for the most part im still re-searching on what cams and turbo I want to run next season

here's the block it self took off all the accessories and what not pretty clean

valve cover off the cyl head is pretty clean took off the cam caps and everything looks good and in order

Rocker arm's are off and as u can see the head is great and nice!! Cams off and shims are off I dropped one of the shims and I think its in the oil pan lol taking that off tomorrow


I tried to get a good angle but the cyl walls look great no scoring or anything pretty happy about it

More updates tomorrow taking the upper and lower oil pan off the procedures are pretty crazy on doing it

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