Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Head job? YES HEAD!

Big update today well kinda I suppose? got a lot done took the timing chain cover off. I need a new one because it was broken when I got it. Harmonic balancer is off, valves, springs, retainers, oil seals, lashers are all out. Cleaned the head super freaking clean and parts labeled neatly =] dones anyone know the BEST way to get rtv out in little crevices ?

As you can see here the timing chain cover is off and SURPRISE a lot more RTV!

Upper and lower oil pan, oil pick up, and both upper and lower baffle plates scrubbed down in the solvent tank pretty clean just gotta get that rtv out

Upper oil pan cleaned and put in a hot bath (forgot what the machine is called sprays hot solvent on it and cleans it) still gotta get that damn rtv out but idk if it matters.

THIS VALVE REMOVER IS AWESOME!!!!! I love it had some trouble using it because I was not paying attention in class when my teacher was doing a demo on it -.- LOL all the valves, retainers, keepers, springs are off!! the valve seat looks to be in good shape gonna be measuring the valves and the seat tomorrow to see if the valves are still good to use MIGHT upgrade but cash is running tight

THIS TRAY IS AMAZING! keeps everything nice and organizes. Theres some carbon build up on the exhaust valves not so much on the intake valves, oil seals on the lashers are done gotta buy new ones, lashers look good gonna re use them

The head with nothing on it but the freeze plugs and valve guides kinda dirty

Thats okay!! we can clean it! used almost a whole can of degrease why? cuz I can and its free lol let it soak for about 5 mins then got the power washer out! sprayed the shit out of it. Turned out pretty good and clean tomorrow gonna use that machine again forgot what its called to make it nice and clean and ready!!

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  1. job well done sir! when you gonna port n polish the heads for me z?!