Sunday, May 22, 2011

paint, blast pipes, ill fest, broken fender

so last night i got the car ready for ill fest n what not put on the isis blast pipes no pics cuz i got mad at night did it in a garage with a small like that didnt help and i had a small fucking flash light.. never doing a exhaust by my self ever! anyway car is painted new exhaust

ill fest was cool A LOT OF CARS only a hand full of cool cars food was soooo goooooooodddddd too bad the cops had to shut it down.. f the law

when i was parking my car reversing then pulling out i was scraping like the usual but this time there was a big crowd that gathred watched me n tara park cuz we are on the low low's after scraping i hear every one cheer and yell im like yeah womp low car scrape whatever then a dude came up to me and said hey bro you just ripped you're fender... so i had a big ass crack on it... dude pulled my bumper up for me so i can pull out of the lot... GAYYYY

anyway fixed the fender n stuff like so

and heres some pics i got from the interweb of cool cars from ill fest

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