Tuesday, May 24, 2011

grocery getter!

got bored today so i got some fortune house and 3 movies!!!

little fockers
the mechanic
and no strings attached

little focker = amazing

some pics to keep u interested

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

paint, blast pipes, ill fest, broken fender

so last night i got the car ready for ill fest n what not put on the isis blast pipes no pics cuz i got mad at night did it in a garage with a small like that didnt help and i had a small fucking flash light.. never doing a exhaust by my self ever! anyway car is painted new exhaust

ill fest was cool A LOT OF CARS only a hand full of cool cars food was soooo goooooooodddddd too bad the cops had to shut it down.. f the law

when i was parking my car reversing then pulling out i was scraping like the usual but this time there was a big crowd that gathred watched me n tara park cuz we are on the low low's after scraping i hear every one cheer and yell im like yeah womp low car scrape whatever then a dude came up to me and said hey bro you just ripped you're fender... so i had a big ass crack on it... dude pulled my bumper up for me so i can pull out of the lot... GAYYYY

anyway fixed the fender n stuff like so

and heres some pics i got from the interweb of cool cars from ill fest

Saturday, May 21, 2011

temporary paint

had some amazing breakfast with the gf today went to wildberry SOOOOO GOOODDD

got sick of looking at my car with 20345893479 different colors so i just temporarily painted it till real paint soon

did a good job also my first time fixing fiberglass did that too :D

not a bad job i was impressed for my first time =]

and sanding/prep/what not

putting this on tomorrow isis blast pipes traded mr rad mike for this bye bye apexi gt spec and time to get roudy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

tid bits

made this cool thangg :D crown royal shift boot in the process of sticker bombing my center console

did some work front spacers are ON!


Monday, May 2, 2011

back at blogspot! gonna be posting my build here

so whats new whats new whats new with my car A LOT OF SHIT is whats up last time i updated this was when i just got aero from mike now its time to give a nice long awaited build update its gonna be scatterd because idk wtf order it is haha

winter owned my car and i had a open circuit so had to get the car towed n get fixed =/

so picked these up from my home boy trucky from D-squad

M2 Hanabi dt05r 17x8 +20 17x9 +30 (these are hella rare only 1 of 12 in the USA)

50mm rear spacers
25mm front spacers

30mm front fenders
30mm rear over fenders

all for 950 YES 950

if you break it down

1500+ new for the wheels
130+ for the rear spacers
100+ for the front spacers
250 for the front fenders
290 for rear fenders
400+ for tires

thanks trucky u my nigga

now i bought a version select type x from my buddy dave with a group a vent and side skirts but i was skeptical since i have a coupe!!! and most people with type x are very anal about it so i traded my bumper to my homeboy another D-squad member rad mike for his origin stream front end then i ended up selling my side skirts picked up gp sports sides from my hs friend brad then picked up a origin stream/stylish rear bumper from my guy ben! thanks guys!

so with that all said and done i forgot to put thanks to kay and tommy at ill garage for fixing my rusted ass floor board!! you can check them out at www.illgarage.com

this is when before EVERYTHING changed all i did was put the wheels on

nice and sturdy!

now went to Ooo dang davids house we put on the rear over fenders and i traded my stock metal fenders for mikes 20mm front fenders i decided to go 20mm fronts 30mm rears to have a nice even look

NOTE! if u DO NOT HAVE PATIENTS ON A HOT DAY AND U HAD A 240 IN THE MIDWEST DO NOT DO YOUR REAR BUMPER ALONE LOL this shit pissed me off the most took me two damn hour yes TWO hours to take it off drill holes n other shit for this rear bumper and support to get out...

and bumper on

got hungry went to burger king

so i went to my saturday class brought my rear spacers, side skirts that i got from brad and put it on and this is its current state

now with in the next couple of weeks oh wait forgot i got these brand new stop tech rotors from my buddy scott for 40 bucks THATS RIGHT BRAND NEW for 40 BUCKSS

okay now lol im painting my car mazda speed 3 celestial blue

and heres my dilema either a origin gt wing which is Risky devil AJ's old wing or a s14 kouki wing.... UGH

s14 k's wing

ajs wing