Thursday, December 29, 2011

vegas baby =] 12-24-11 to 12-28-11

went to vegas with the fam!!! first time hitting the casino and gambling haha it was a up and down moment with the slots sigh.. but i got my fave games now LOL spookyhouse, goldfish and tarzan and i also liked the hangover slots haha stayed at the paris and green valley also at our condo! maxxeed out on food god i mean MAXXED the fuck out lol esp jollebee check out the pics also visted the two stores i wanted to go to, Stussy and undefeted kinda went overboard they had a sale lol

view from green valley

me and mom waiting for the elevator lol

lmfao found this in my room had to take a pic

paris at night such a good view

first one =] AHHAH

back of the can idk why every time i post 5 pics at a time stupid pics get out of order

nommy deserts at the paris bakery

this was so goood apple pie something haha

merry xmas =]]]

had steak at 5 am

random white dude at jollibee

yup i had to max the fuck out

brought some home haha chicken joy ftw

undefeated store 50% off!! shoes

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trip to tf and picked up me wheels

Went to tf today to pick up my wheels just picked up the rears 18x10.5+23 picking up the fronts next week fronts are 17x9+15 got my free work rs lug nuts and a cool license plate holder haha.

tf's new cool wheels that came in

S1Rs 19x11

Work CR01. 15x9.5 -25

now on to my wheels =]

work cr kai kiwami (ultimates) in cocaine white 17x9+15 18x10.5+23 NOMMM



Monday, December 19, 2011

i need 5 lug like right now!

so my wheels came in today! but only one did LOL tf said the rest will be in tomorrow but im working so picking it up wednesday! heres a quick teaser

got rid of my janky shift knob and got this proper one getting the light up thing at tf when i get my wheels



then gonna do this thing to it

then I traded my OEM corners for clear ones think ima paint it amber looks cool haha

Monday, December 12, 2011

ac needs bricks

yeah yeah need bricks SHUT UP OH WAIT I GOT EM sorry for the glare kinda sunny out