Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Onward! so close the car is almost almost done waiting on the mail man to drop off some goodies sneak peak for yall

Started the new anime One Piece definitely pretty good from what ive seen so far beginning is kinda slow but it picks up luffy is so funny hah you guys should start it

heres a link to all the episodes

summer is almost over =/ bboy progression is not what i want it to be but its getting there. Teamed up with gravity benders and Man of God for 4 the love 3 made it to the top 4 vids are up here they are

Preliminary Battle against Ground Syndrome 2

Top 8 Battle against Styling Out

Top 4 Battle against Ground Syndrome

OH btw

They are for sale! buy buy buy if i know you price is $450 OBO

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