Sunday, July 4, 2010

I like shiney new things!

slow progression with the car but it SHOULD be done tuesday when im off and get my lazy ass off to put in the inner n outers any way

had a dope ass weekend with gigi! hung out all day and shopppppeeedddd lols I love new things Bought a iphon 3g 8gig lover it cant wait for the iphone 4, got a new stussy baseball coat i think its worth the 98 bucks also a stussy and haze collab shirt, matching teal vneck with gigi a admiral ackbar key chain, Origin coupe roof wing, Nismo butt plug shift knob also got 2 kid robot toys its random so nikkie and gigi picked me out two nikkie grabbed mom (lame) and gigi got bender! also my new Front lower control arms came in, Friday got more new stuff coming in i cant wait on to the pics

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