Monday, July 26, 2010

car is almost done

Oodang adrian came and helped out with the car and FINALLY it will be done with in this week also with paint thanks mang i owe u also put in my new seat i traded seats with long grain also grabbed a new trunk and a origin trunk wing ill post up pics in a sec of that

Adrian grinding out the stuck bolt

Tein inner n outers installed

New seat =]

started my new job at kabuki japanese steak and sushi cant wait till we open had a taste test of all the wine, beer, sake, and food its soo soo good

also teamed up with Gravity Benders crew and man of god for 4 The love 3 great team up we made it to the top 4!!! our routines were on point, every one hit their shit we straight killed it i know i coulda done way better if i prepared but my elbow was so broken and i just made it worse -.- w.e gonna heal up then train harder and be the person i can be

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