Saturday, June 26, 2010

long awaited update!

been lazy, been working A LOT! lol any way last week city vs city 6 happend didnt get a lot of pics cuz i was working at the kwoc booth but grats to chicago! for taking the whole thing. San diego came hard and so did all the other city's grats to every one

wow update - downed lichking too bad I was working -.- and the guild is on heroics now

summer booo! your weather fails its nice n hot one day then we get bi polar rain/storm/thundershower pretty much suuukkksss

car update! yes the thing that most of you guys been waiting for hah here it is 56k beware!

after the accident getting it towed from where it was stored

if your gonna drive please dont cheap out on tires! hah

couple of pics when I got the shell didnt end up using the shell but kept it anyway to sell the parts off of it ended up just using the traction rod and one of the power brace supports

big piece of dried mud found it i forgot where lol

my cheese ass when the shell got dropped off

some bumper skirts n stuff that came with it

went to TF today to get my coil rebuilt it was done in 30 mins or less haha eric such a cool dude charged me a hella good price and was fast even when i split the coil in half!

also got new tein inner and outer tie rods are is almost done! just need front LCA then im set also picked up a pignose front bumper with a lip and 180sx kouki sides waiting to pick up a s14 kouki wing and silvia rear valances, replaced the destroyed sportwacks with same ones but in silver with brand new dz101's!!! cant wait welded diff is in thanks to ooodang garage

oodang adrian doing his thing

hey girl nice ass

video of the week - bboy domkey dope as hell cool as fuck meet him at cvc good luck in korea man

Sunday, June 13, 2010

update =]

a whole lot of new fun stuff is happening to the car =] cant wait heres a preview for now