Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its nice out!

Man its beautiful outside if I can just waste gas and drive around for hours I would my girlfriend came over today we had a nice brunch went to mitsua to grab some JDM food lol I got the usual katsu curry im addicted to and she got the usual Gabuto burger.

take a bite from that and you will be in heaven I guarantee

after took the car for a nice car wash my girlfriend helped out haha busy bee is the best thing ever invented

got the seat in and adjusted to the way I drive. I just gotta say I love it I love how it feels best investment ever

Thats it for now I really wish I had a camera maybe if a pause buying car parts I can afford one.

May 4th I finally start at target will not be poor anymore!

Origin is finally making a gt style kit looks kinda nice I might rock it If I can get aggressive enough wheels looks really good though I think

looks great

So I think either I go red red for my car or blue


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