Saturday, April 3, 2010

Its been a while

I decided to fix up this thing and get it going back up again! I kinda liked it.

So whats new with me? I walked out of my job at alden well actually left and texted my boss that im quitting the next day pretty cool if you ask me. Got a new apartment still moving in my stuff its pretty empty right now but I have the necessities. Got a new job at target! good ole target on 59 and higgins. On march 27th it was my one year with my gf damn its been a year all ready!

Whats new with the car? A lot, got REAL tires for the rims fronts are 205/40/16's and rears are 205/50/16's I think im going to be doing 205/45/16 on the front and a better tire in the back with the same 205/50/16 set up. Stances are on! I wanan go lower but the rear fenders need to be rolled and pulled just a little bit for even more of a slam right now im about 2 and a half fingers from my frame rail touching the ground YES I cant make it over speed bumps and YES I cant make it up ramps.

Been working with salde to get my car going and his car he bought Alex White's old 240 coupe thing is really nice and he got it for a steal.

Sad but true me and some other people started to play yu gi oh again LOLOLOL monarch deck is almost back in action!

WoW update! I left invalid the top horde guild on the server and joined Pretty Hate Machine. Why leave the best guild for a progression guild? Easy Invalid pretty much has no humor or lets say a friend vibe to it its pretty much its tuesday lets raid see ya next week. Pretty hate machine is a very funny guild but when its time to get things done we do it im pretty happy with the move.

Went to a Risky Devil MASS text meet cruised up there with a member of Ooo Dang - adrian. Surprisingly people like my car!! im waiting on the Professional pics this guy took of my car he fell in love with it hahah and kevin's pics too REMEMBER photoshop the rear so its lower :D

Things comming in for the car this week - 8000k HID's, Version select side skirts, Hotshot headers, Megan test pipe = win I can finally raise the car a lil bit with the skirts

and YES jaimie jinxed me i finally got 2 tickets one for a loud exhaust which is weird since I was not even on the throttle and my shit is quite juss looks big and my front left headlamp is busted =/


thats it for now enjoy the pictoooorrsssss

My Closet still gotta get the rest of my stuff but finally i got a big one

Computer oh i love u Monitor oh i hate u

OH my whats that???

Look at the difference

Garage Salan lol

Former FBM unit one

Forgot to set the front coils so yup its a drag car all ways going fast

Is this gangsta enough lol


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