Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mann people these days

people these days suck either their too stuck up or too cool for school -.- retards!

any way picking up a welded diff from wisconsin this weekend! picking up new tires for the car on the weekend also

went to Touge Factory today to set up a appointment to put the stances on =] pretty excited for that

And stickers! they add character

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

long awaited almost spring time car wash =]

Man it was hella nice today =] update updateee

In World of warcraft news YAY im in Invalid! one of the top guilds in the server =]

me albert and liam started new characters ALL female shamans haha! hey look we are tree's :D

so I decided to keep the sportmaxe's instead of selling em and I actually put them on

Gonna get smaller tires i need 195/50/16's

Got a car wash today with jaimie!!! busy bee for the win !

What a dirty ass

What a clean ass ahh

Front with lights and no lights man i need my HID's on

Sportmax ON! 16x8 with a 0 offset =]

Jaimies wrx

We gots clean cars :D

last one for the day haha

One of my motivations - mark's car first time i saw this was a picture that phil showed me on aim and i said wow this thing is amazing! then went to his place and saw it in person the thing looked so amazing i fell in love with the coupe style perfect in every way possible

- In breaking new's been practicing a lot! battles are comming up super soon ill have some pics + vids then for now see ya when i see ya updating with new pics tomorrow i tossed some decals on the 40!