Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feels like spring time

Man today was wonderfull spring is comming soon i cant wait but then again its chicago weather =/ random surprises here and there the other day i was bored before practice so i headed to mitsua i was craving sushi!!! ate there with some random OJ called "Qoo" it was hella good! lol

passed by the book/magazine shop juss to brouse around and then SOME reason i bought a magazine and option2 vol 188 lol the two things cost 34 bucks =/ wtf?

Today gf came over we went to the mall cuz she wanted to i guess she said hey go eat or something ima go buy stuff okay i went and ate at frulattie and had me a turkey jack sandwich! sorry forgot to take a pic it was good! and a banana/strawberry smoothie walked around at FYE and got my gf 2 hello kitty key holder things prety cute. So we went home when she was about to leave she says here BAM a brand new 8 gig ipod nano! i was like WTF? so random i love here shes the best hehe

That's it for now... spring come faster! more updates about the car next payday got some surprises coming in :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

quick fix

chicago i hate your hella cold days =/

right now and my current motivation

this made me wanna stay onvia its perfect in any way wheels/paint/kit just beautiful

quick vid

DMNZ Taupo - December 2009 from Taupaki Productions on Vimeo.

im waiting for spring two more months or so i cant wait =] its all most here

Actually went out for the first time in a long time due to school and work

me n justine man look at that hair of mine hah quick fix @ apple store

sidenote breaking wise -

shorty you still amaze me

Friday, January 8, 2010

new post new year so tired

Juss came back from practice man i lost a lot of my moves =/ but its good getting back in to breaking i love it i love dancing, i love breaking, i love music. Ill get everything back =]

My girlfriend got me this today =]

Went to cjs to munch down on a chili cheeseeeee dog and a good ole style chicago hotdog and fries soo gooodd

Wow update NIGHT ELF MOWHAWK! lols

went for a quick pvp :D

Thats it for now =] Oh and i got my GF a ipod touch for xmas =] i love u babe

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

save the drama fo yo momma

save that shit fo yo mom

big updates this week

and staying here since i know how to use this disregard the post below