Saturday, November 28, 2009

long awated update =]

just a quick update for you guys and im gonna keep up with this thing

any way my new love =] los burritos best Mexican food ever! and best thing is they are open till 5 am!!!

new fave =]

and my new addiction! cj's best chicago style hotdogs in the burbs i believe

oh and i sold the hatch! now i got a coupe =]

black friday sale!!! went to target at 3 am with mom n got done at around 6? or wait no 7 LOL we got 2 carts full of stuff got a new shirt, hat, shoes, n i forgot enjoy

went to TF at 8 no one was there so i went to comp usa then went back to TF at 9 second one in line hehe first 4 people got this dope goodie bag came with, a Touge factory hoodie, Stance shirt, dilldo shift knob, MAD TYTE JDM air freshner lol, stickers, TF licences plate holder =] yup i was number 4 hehe and i got it

i got new stickers!! wooo

and yup i did buy them cost me $1000 but well worth it Stance gr+ pro's yup =] and it came with free install and $100 alignment hehe cant wait till spring ima be uber low

=] oh and ps i love my gf =] 8 months still going strong