Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot day, new bumper, sanding sucks!!!

so i traded my pignose for a chuki from aaron two days ago and it miss matched paint so today sanding + paint woo

But before that went to mitsua to get some yummies!

Yummieesss!!!! =]

Happy juice best thing ever makes u happy

MMM yum =]

after that time to do some work

sanded this bitch down for a hour sanded with the power sander, 100 grit to smooth it out then 320 grit then wet sanded with 320

Finish product with 2 coats of flat black to match the car

and here she is WITH sleepy eyes =]

Monday, August 17, 2009

haven't done this in a while

quick post up kinda bored right now its 10:53 browsing zilvia and chicago240sx board picking up new tein inner/outer tie rods for the s13 and new controll arms with ball joints thanks to aaron with the sweet hook up

snapped a pic today

oh btw i picked up a s13 haah! shes a cute little piggy

it was marks 21st bday party hella dope i met this kid norbert got his ass drunk in 30 minutes and he puked all over the floor haha sweet deal!

i wanna cruise but i dont wanna alone haha! hit me up