Wednesday, April 8, 2009

three week update on me haha

well as of march 27 of 2009 i asked kimmi to be my gf =] and she said yes haha so yup im not single any more i got me a dope ass gf =]


any way battled at ill breaks last week got to meet kiddavid and bboy blonde heres some pis n fottage will update when new ones come up

me and bboy blonde for extreme crew korea

me talking shit again haha

do that shit

here is the footage

had a blast i all ways do at urbana haha

good battle for me its my very first big battle learned a lot made a lot of new friends!

april 25th chicago dunkxchange! gonna be dope my first time attending it i missed it last year so ima make it up haha

new pick up dizzit x diamond!

thats it for now

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  1. even if you fucked up, you still hit it the hardest and looked the cutest. =) good jobbbbb hun