Friday, March 20, 2009


wooo so yesterday woke up at 8! damn sun woke me up lol but its cool got ready took a shower and picked up kimmi at woodfield to hang out! came back to my place watched Highschool musical 3 and fools gold lol love my moms bootleg dvd collection! kimmi is a cool chick!! very cool hehe =]]]

-Dropped her off then went back home then my mom fought with tmobile so i have US cellular now btw i have a new number so hit me up if u want it oh and i got a new aim - acgotsoleee lol

that was pretty much my Thursday hah had fun with kimmi :D

-Friday today woke up mom said get ready lets go buy your pants woo!! copped me a Levis 511 blackish SELVEGE! and a levis 514 dark blue!

-Came home a package came for me =] my 10 deep shirt haha

Front - Truth Hurts 10Deep

Back - Problem solvers!

-thats all for today prolly for tonight ima juss be bumming!

Tomorrow big day for alex and hideki theyr gonna battle at the 17UNDR battle hope to see u guys there

EDIT! saw this at iss DAYMN this guy got skills

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