Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sundayy pretty awesome day

Saturday went to a wedding with my mom n family i wanted to go to the battle at u of i but eh its okay open bar n free food heres some pics with my grandma with my 2 FLIPOLISH cusins yes baby their like you

got home got hungry at like 12 made some RANDOM ASS DINNER idk wtf i made but it was goooddd

woke up late as fuck 2day i think idk -.-

took these out for a spin today havent used em in a while

Jpack trainers

-Ate at dennys with mom on the way out of dennys saw the BIGGEST hypebeast kina like LILJOHN haha kid had some GR airmaxes with loud ass shoe laces tight pants weird ass hoodie that was like half black n grey a ed hardy hat n bandanas comming out of his pockets THATS COOL!

- Then went to target mom returned some shit i bought water n sprite lol
HAD TO SHIT SO BADDD but i held it in -.-

- Went to woodfield copped me a H & M hoodie its pretty dope but it was 34 bucks -.- only paied 16 cuz i returned a hoodie that i wore n washed like 3 times hah

-Bought some forcefields at footlocker for me kicks

Came home took a nap then went to alex's to practice since alex n hideki gotta battle saturday im confident that they can take the whole battle practice was good did a footwork style session I like my style :D its doppeee kinda like Chicago house + zuluking tauiske + abstract haha

Finnaly got home cooked again NO DINNER mom passed out so i made ginilling :D

BONUS pic for me babe =]

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