Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting fat day!

Ohhh man well today was pretty fun got fat -.- mett up with my bestfriend jaimie and his girl at tiger direct 2 look at some computer parts n stuff man seeing thouse 2 makes me miss having a gf =/ but yeah after that hit up woodfield 2 kill time lol

-After woodfield juss went straight to joshieeepoooosss lol chilled at his crib for a bit then we left 2 pick up bryan lol

-Hopped on a skateboard today MAN I FUCKING SUCK NOW -.- cant even kickflip or trey flip -.- pissed me off so summer its on ima skate hardcore and YUP I skated my jpack trainers haha josh was like NIGGA DONT SKATE THOUSE but i did ISS wont know haha.

-Then dipped out went to brian's aunt's restaurant and damn this place is fucking dope its on golf and roselle right by the babies are us all u guys should hit that place up its a buffet and stirfry was sooo goooddd!

Heres the cook making my noodles :D

Finished product

This place is freaking gooodddd if u dont want stir fry theres other stuff to and the crab rangoon soooo gooodd! cant wait to go back there hopefully with juss me and a girl this time =]

BONUS josh haha See THATT!!!

- Thats it for now! gotta wake up 2morrow to chill with kimmie :D

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