Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Friday Friday

Man woke up my mom was all ready to go
-Dentist today i really hate the dentist -.- with a passion lol

after went to woodfield tried to look for some pants i found some gonna cop some levis 511's and 514's test fitted them today gonna see if my moms friend can discount it up since its buy one get the second one 50% off love how they fit!

waited for my mom to get out of forever 21 -.- so i sat outside by rainforest like a loaner hahaha was on the sidekick looking up stuff on ISS ya know

Cant wear these for a while now lol still pretty much DS love the hawaii laces on these

then went to todai and maxxxxxed out on sushi gosh never ate so much sushi

Grabed me some new earings and glasses 2 match my kicks maybe hah

thats it for now waiting for the mail man to drop me off new goodies since i did downsize my closet hehe

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