Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Current update

Been hella lazy haha or tired and juss packed with practice

-Saturday First even for hideki it was pretty good alex and hideki repped our crew saw a lot of old friends and made new friends heres the footage too bad u dont see me talking shit even though they battled johnjohn hahaa sorry john u know how it is

This was the Showcase alex killing it as all ways hideki did good! they were the first ones in this clip

Here is a clip of Lunchbox zombies vs Army of two fuck you (johnjohn) LOL
and we didnt know u can commando =/

Tie breaker!

Here is the up comming new crew MAYBE join or crew haha

Urban motion! good to see that hoffman still has breakers big upps to james and jerome from Elk grove

Thats the battle and A20 Won the whole thing

Sunday juss ahd a fambam party haha and dang i rock a guitar hero!

Monday hung out with kimmi =] watch the secret life of the bee's what a homo movie LOL but w.e haha went to the mall returned actually exchanged some pants then hit up practice

today chill wit josh i think!!!

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