Monday, March 16, 2009

Beautiful monday

-What a nicee day today didnt even need a hoodie till night time but yeah

-Woke up around 12 excitedly waiting for the mailman got ready n stuff to go practice at alex's once i got done with my shower BAM mailman came and my package came :D

Stussy Love/Hate tee

-FINALLY got finished getting ready so i wanted to rock my new tee tossed it in the dryer then actually wore it lol

Todays fit

Stussy Love/Hate x Levis 514 x Nike SB dunk Pushead

-Headed to alex's for some crew practice we sessioned in his garage since it was sooooo freaking nice out the whole crew was there me jaimie alex and hideki. It was very productive except for me i was crashing ALL over the place -.- but what ever juss had a bad day i guess so i juss did a toprock/downrock session im 10000000000% confident that our crew will place top 3 on saturday

-Left alex's about 7ish mett up with josh and his girl at platos hung out and they ate at subway

snapped this at platos i was bored lol

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