Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Current update

Been hella lazy haha or tired and juss packed with practice

-Saturday First even for hideki it was pretty good alex and hideki repped our crew saw a lot of old friends and made new friends heres the footage too bad u dont see me talking shit even though they battled johnjohn hahaa sorry john u know how it is

This was the Showcase alex killing it as all ways hideki did good! they were the first ones in this clip

Here is a clip of Lunchbox zombies vs Army of two fuck you (johnjohn) LOL
and we didnt know u can commando =/

Tie breaker!

Here is the up comming new crew MAYBE join or crew haha

Urban motion! good to see that hoffman still has breakers big upps to james and jerome from Elk grove

Thats the battle and A20 Won the whole thing

Sunday juss ahd a fambam party haha and dang i rock a guitar hero!

Monday hung out with kimmi =] watch the secret life of the bee's what a homo movie LOL but w.e haha went to the mall returned actually exchanged some pants then hit up practice

today chill wit josh i think!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


wooo so yesterday woke up at 8! damn sun woke me up lol but its cool got ready took a shower and picked up kimmi at woodfield to hang out! came back to my place watched Highschool musical 3 and fools gold lol love my moms bootleg dvd collection! kimmi is a cool chick!! very cool hehe =]]]

-Dropped her off then went back home then my mom fought with tmobile so i have US cellular now btw i have a new number so hit me up if u want it oh and i got a new aim - acgotsoleee lol

that was pretty much my Thursday hah had fun with kimmi :D

-Friday today woke up mom said get ready lets go buy your pants woo!! copped me a Levis 511 blackish SELVEGE! and a levis 514 dark blue!

-Came home a package came for me =] my 10 deep shirt haha

Front - Truth Hurts 10Deep

Back - Problem solvers!

-thats all for today prolly for tonight ima juss be bumming!

Tomorrow big day for alex and hideki theyr gonna battle at the 17UNDR battle hope to see u guys there

EDIT! saw this at iss DAYMN this guy got skills

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting fat day!

Ohhh man well today was pretty fun got fat -.- mett up with my bestfriend jaimie and his girl at tiger direct 2 look at some computer parts n stuff man seeing thouse 2 makes me miss having a gf =/ but yeah after that hit up woodfield 2 kill time lol

-After woodfield juss went straight to joshieeepoooosss lol chilled at his crib for a bit then we left 2 pick up bryan lol

-Hopped on a skateboard today MAN I FUCKING SUCK NOW -.- cant even kickflip or trey flip -.- pissed me off so summer its on ima skate hardcore and YUP I skated my jpack trainers haha josh was like NIGGA DONT SKATE THOUSE but i did ISS wont know haha.

-Then dipped out went to brian's aunt's restaurant and damn this place is fucking dope its on golf and roselle right by the babies are us all u guys should hit that place up its a buffet and stirfry was sooo goooddd!

Heres the cook making my noodles :D

Finished product

This place is freaking gooodddd if u dont want stir fry theres other stuff to and the crab rangoon soooo gooodd! cant wait to go back there hopefully with juss me and a girl this time =]

BONUS josh haha See THATT!!!

- Thats it for now! gotta wake up 2morrow to chill with kimmie :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LOL @ ISS flamethrower thread

I had to put it up made me laugh so hard i got tears comming outta my eyes

some girl posted on the WDYWT (what did you wear today) thread and of corse if your it is fugly or your juss fugly in genneral welcom to the flamethrower haha

so this girl posted this pic of her self then the flame started with this

then some one posted this after that pic

made me lol a bit then i scrolled down

some one posted that made me LOL a lil more

then this pops up cuz of the eye liner

made me start LOLING harder

then the best yet

"duxorz215 - I can't get over on how much eyeliner she puts on. Beginning to look like a racoon."

"mr. thunderlips - did someone say raccoon?"

ROFL HAHAHAHA omg so funny heres the link to the whole thread

Monday, March 16, 2009

Beautiful monday

-What a nicee day today didnt even need a hoodie till night time but yeah

-Woke up around 12 excitedly waiting for the mailman got ready n stuff to go practice at alex's once i got done with my shower BAM mailman came and my package came :D

Stussy Love/Hate tee

-FINALLY got finished getting ready so i wanted to rock my new tee tossed it in the dryer then actually wore it lol

Todays fit

Stussy Love/Hate x Levis 514 x Nike SB dunk Pushead

-Headed to alex's for some crew practice we sessioned in his garage since it was sooooo freaking nice out the whole crew was there me jaimie alex and hideki. It was very productive except for me i was crashing ALL over the place -.- but what ever juss had a bad day i guess so i juss did a toprock/downrock session im 10000000000% confident that our crew will place top 3 on saturday

-Left alex's about 7ish mett up with josh and his girl at platos hung out and they ate at subway

snapped this at platos i was bored lol

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sundayy pretty awesome day

Saturday went to a wedding with my mom n family i wanted to go to the battle at u of i but eh its okay open bar n free food heres some pics with my grandma with my 2 FLIPOLISH cusins yes baby their like you

got home got hungry at like 12 made some RANDOM ASS DINNER idk wtf i made but it was goooddd

woke up late as fuck 2day i think idk -.-

took these out for a spin today havent used em in a while

Jpack trainers

-Ate at dennys with mom on the way out of dennys saw the BIGGEST hypebeast kina like LILJOHN haha kid had some GR airmaxes with loud ass shoe laces tight pants weird ass hoodie that was like half black n grey a ed hardy hat n bandanas comming out of his pockets THATS COOL!

- Then went to target mom returned some shit i bought water n sprite lol
HAD TO SHIT SO BADDD but i held it in -.-

- Went to woodfield copped me a H & M hoodie its pretty dope but it was 34 bucks -.- only paied 16 cuz i returned a hoodie that i wore n washed like 3 times hah

-Bought some forcefields at footlocker for me kicks

Came home took a nap then went to alex's to practice since alex n hideki gotta battle saturday im confident that they can take the whole battle practice was good did a footwork style session I like my style :D its doppeee kinda like Chicago house + zuluking tauiske + abstract haha

Finnaly got home cooked again NO DINNER mom passed out so i made ginilling :D

BONUS pic for me babe =]

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Friday Friday

Man woke up my mom was all ready to go
-Dentist today i really hate the dentist -.- with a passion lol

after went to woodfield tried to look for some pants i found some gonna cop some levis 511's and 514's test fitted them today gonna see if my moms friend can discount it up since its buy one get the second one 50% off love how they fit!

waited for my mom to get out of forever 21 -.- so i sat outside by rainforest like a loaner hahaha was on the sidekick looking up stuff on ISS ya know

Cant wear these for a while now lol still pretty much DS love the hawaii laces on these

then went to todai and maxxxxxed out on sushi gosh never ate so much sushi

Grabed me some new earings and glasses 2 match my kicks maybe hah

thats it for now waiting for the mail man to drop me off new goodies since i did downsize my closet hehe

Thursday, March 12, 2009


been a minute since i posted haha been bussy + other random stuff + im sick -.-

over the weekend hit up urbana!!!! shit was halla dope miss the people there all ready -.- see that ahah i left my mark there yet again once again!

got home mailman dropped me something off again =] i love the mail man haha

vvvnds nike sb pusheads! i put my hawaii red laces on em looks soo dope


yesterday i totally destroyed my closet took out everything i dont use/wear anymore!!!

20 shirts 7 pants 2 shorts 2 shoes a hoodie and other random stuff platos here i come!

today thursday wow haha a lot of things 2 do
-platos closet
-buy new pants
-buy new shirts
-ship out my purple pigeons and hawaiis (getting some mad heat =] )
-hang out with me mom! we be shopping lol
-go chill with josh