Friday, February 27, 2009

Lazy friday

what a friday -.- did not do nothing today was gonna chill with josh buh it was movie night i had to watch HSM3!!! not bad though haha was supposed to go chill n "practice" at lisa's buh i got lazy haha

anyway mail man dropped me a present today haha

hawaiis came in fast ass shipping 3 days from cali!!!

Group shot :D more to come!


Mike the cure - Knuckleheads cali - so dope sir

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 Shiii its going down

well me n josh were talking about our clothing line and its deff going down only problem is he got no computer and i dont have one either but start drawing out designs for the new line finally some one with style n taste that i can do a decent clothing line with (Aint no hypebeasts here)

- i was brousing through ISS today and stumbled upon the *custom kicks* section (im a big big fan of the futura unkles and sbtg dunks) just peeped it looked at a couple of customs then checked out methamphibian and the sbtg sites. I sat down here thinking hmm... man me n josh can make custom dunks looks pretty easy so i was on youtube n iss for 3 hours looking, reading, thinking of ideas and how/what you need to make customs so this weekend im gonna buy some paint n some selvage denim maybe some griptape i got a dope idea for some customs i think its gonna be dope! make sure to keep in check ill be updating on the dunk situation

- my hawaiis should come in by next weekend excited about that then now i got 3 dunks in the collection might cop sample lucha libres or brian andersons heh.

peep at these customs my shit is gonna be better!

thats it for now gonna start fixing the blogger so it looks decent

Pick ups for the week - Picked up these Nike SB jpack trainers and Purple pigeons that i sold to james 2 years ago haha still vvvnnddsss got the jpacks at FA skates DS for retail thanks to joe

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well i made a new blog my freaking old one is super fail.... Any way, lets start this thing out

im back in the burbs living in south elgin so bye bye city heh.

pretty straight ya know starting school again soon.. for graphic design..

anyway yesterday josh came by and picked me up at around 3ish
chilled drove around he copped some red vans
and nordstroms to cop his girl some nikes that i found haha
went to pick up his girl
ate at cici's (yes i did NOT get cici's revenge!)
drove around more then went to james
then i copped my OLD purple pigeon sb's that i sold him like 2 years ago haha so another new addition to my shoe collection -.-
then on my way home i got locked out so i slept over at joshes hah dar came over n we were up till 3


destroyed some siopao think i ate 4 lol chilled with dar n josh again obviously
then went home
fucking my dog (sushi) got sprayed in the face by a skunk!! wtf mayneee.....

thats it for now think my ma' is gonna pick me up tomorrow gonna cop some new kicks or a nike sb backpack hah